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Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the incredible dads in our lives. While traditional gifts like ties, tools, and gadgets are always appreciated, why not surprise your dad with something unique this year? Floral gifts, often overlooked for Father’s Day, can be a refreshing and thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation. In this guide, we will explore the best Father’s Day Floral Gifts that will make your dad feel truly special.

Why Choose Floral Gifts for Father’s Day?

Flowers and plants are not just for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. They can make fantastic gifts for dads too, offering numerous benefits:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beautiful blooms and lush plants can brighten up any space, adding a touch of nature and beauty.
  • Emotional Impact: Flowers are known to uplift moods and bring joy. A well-chosen floral arrangement can convey your love and appreciation in a heartfelt way.
  • Longevity: Certain plants and flowers can last a long time with proper care, serving as a lasting reminder of your affection.
  • Personal Touch: A thoughtfully selected floral gift shows that you have put effort into choosing something special and unique for your dad.

Best Flowers for Father’s Day

When selecting flowers for Father’s Day, it is essential to consider blooms that are not only visually appealing but also hold special meanings. Here are some of the best options:

  • Sunflowers – Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity—perfect sentiments for Father’s Day. Their bright and cheerful appearance can instantly uplift any room’s ambiance.
  • Orchids – Orchids are elegant and sophisticated, symbolizing strength, beauty, and love. They make an excellent gift for dads who appreciate refined aesthetics and exotic plants.
  • Roses – While roses are often associated with romance, they can also symbolize respect and admiration. The best options are colors like yellow (friendship and joy) or white (purity and gratitude) for a more appropriate Father’s Day gift.
  • Lilies – Lilies are versatile and come in various colors, each with its own meaning. Orange lilies, for instance, symbolize passion and confidence—qualities often admired in fathers.
  • Proteas – Proteas are unique and striking flowers that symbolize diversity and courage. They make an excellent choice for dads who appreciate bold and unusual blooms.

Best Plants for Father’s Day

Plants are another fantastic option for Father’s Day gifts. They offer longevity and can become a cherished part of your dad’s home or office décor. Here are some of the best plants to consider:

  • Succulents – Succulents are low-maintenance and come in various shapes and sizes. They symbolize endurance and timeless love, making them perfect for Father’s Day.
  • Bonsai Trees – Bonsai trees are miniature works of art that require patience and care. Gifting a bonsai tree can symbolize your appreciation for your dad’s nurturing and supportive nature.
  • Snake Plants – Snake plants are hardy and can thrive in various conditions. They symbolize resilience and protection, reflecting the qualities of a strong and dependable father.
  • Cacti – Cacti are resilient and low-maintenance, making them an excellent gift for dads who may not have a green thumb. They symbolize endurance and adaptability.
  • Herb Gardens – An indoor herb garden can be a practical and enjoyable gift for dads who love cooking. Herbs like basil, rosemary, and mint are easy to grow and can add fresh flavors to your dad’s culinary creations.

Unique Floral Gifts for Dad

If you’re looking for something beyond traditional bouquets and potted plants, consider these unique floral gifts to make Father’s Day extra special:

  • DIY Terrarium Kits – A DIY terrarium kit can be a fun and interactive gift. Your dad can create his own miniature garden, complete with succulents, moss, and decorative elements.
  • Flower Subscriptions – A flower subscription service can provide your dad with fresh blooms delivered to his doorstep regularly. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and ensures that he always has beautiful flowers to enjoy.
  • Personalized Planters – Personalized planters with your dad’s name or a heartfelt message add a special touch to any plant gift. They serve as a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation.
  • Floral-infused Products – Consider gifting products infused with floral elements, such as scented candles, bath oils, or gourmet teas. These items offer a sensory experience that can help your dad relax and unwind.
  • Vertical Gardens – For dads who love gardening but have limited space, a vertical garden can be an innovative solution. These space-saving gardens can be mounted on walls and filled with various plants and herbs.

How to Choose the Perfect Floral Gift for Your Dad

Selecting the right floral gift for your dad involves considering his preferences and lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Consider His Interests: Think about your dad’s hobbies and interests. If he loves cooking, an herb garden might be the perfect gift. If he enjoys art and design, an elegant orchid or bonsai tree could be ideal.
  • Assess His Space: Consider the available space in your dad’s home or office. Choose plants that will fit well in his environment and complement his décor.
  • Think About Maintenance: Select plants and flowers that match your dad’s level of gardening expertise. Low-maintenance options like succulents and cacti are great for beginners, while more intricate plants like bonsai trees are suited for experienced gardeners.
  • Add a Personal Touch: Personalize your gift with a heartfelt message or a customized planter. Adding a personal touch shows that you have put thought and effort into your gift.

Conclusion: Celebrate Father’s Day with Thoughtful Floral Gifts

This Father’s Day, go beyond the usual gifts and surprise your dad with something truly unique and meaningful. Whether you choose a stunning bouquet, a resilient plant, or a personalized floral gift, your dad is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and love behind your choice.

Flowers and plants not only add beauty and joy to any space but also serve as lasting reminders of your appreciation for the incredible dads in your life. So, take the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day with the best floral gifts and make this day extra special for your dad.

Memorial Florists and Greenhouses Father’s Day Floral Gifts

Same-Day Delivery Service

Memorial Florists offers a great selection of Father’s Day themed flowers, plant and gift options. We provide same-day flower delivery service. Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the fathers in our lives. It is also an opportunity to show them how much we appreciate all that they do for us.

Ordering from Memorial Florists ensures that your Father’s Day gift will stand out and make a memorable impression. Our extensive collection features everything from elegant floral arrangements to unique, one-of-a-kind plant gifts tailored specifically for Father’s Day. Whether you opt for a vibrant bouquet or a sophisticated potted plant, our expertly curated selections are designed to convey your gratitude and admiration. Our dedication to quality and service guarantees that each gift arrives fresh and beautifully presented, ready to surprise and delight the special fathers in your life. Plus, with the convenience of same-day delivery throughout the area, you can trust that Memorial Florists will help you make Father’s Day unforgettable.


Orchid Plants: are native to the tropics and subtropics, so they need warm temperatures to thrive. If you live somewhere that gets cold during the winter, you can keep your orchid on a windowsill during the winter months (if it’s sunny enough), but once the weather starts getting warmer again in spring, move it outside where it will get plenty of sunlight. Orchids come in many different varieties, including cattleya (which has large yellowish-green flowers), dendrobium (which has small white flowers), vanda (which has pinkish-red flowers) and phalaenopsis (“moth orchid,” which has white flowers).

Orchids are also known for their fragrant scents, with some varieties having a sweet and floral aroma while others have a strong and spicy scent. Some orchids may even have no scent at all.

In addition to sunlight, water is crucial for the growth and health of an orchid plant. However, it is important not to overwater them as this can cause root rot. A good rule of thumb is to water your orchid once a week or when the potting mix feels dry to the touch. It is also beneficial to use tepid or room temperature water instead of cold water from the tap.

Fertilizing is another important aspect of caring for an orchid plant. These plants need nutrients in order to produce beautiful blooms, so it is recommended to fertilize them every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. You can use a balanced fertilizer specifically made for orchids or a general-purpose fertilizer diluted to half strength.

Snake Plant: Snake plants are a great gift for Father’s Day, or any other time of year. The snake plant is an unusual houseplant that is easy to care for and it lasts forever. There are many different types of snake plants, and they can grow in all kinds of environments—from your bedroom window to the kitchen countertop to the living room floor. They are also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, devil’s tongue, good luck plant and ribbon plant.

The snake plant is a succulent with thick leaves that grow from a central stem. The leaves are usually dark green with white stripes or spots along the edges. Snake plants can grow up to about two feet tall when fully mature, but they’re usually much smaller than that when you buy them at the store or nursery because they need to be repotted often as they grow older.

Succulent Dish Gardens: If you are looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day, consider giving a succulent dish garden. Succulent dish gardens are decorative containers that contain a variety of different kinds of succulents. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: the plants are arranged carefully so that they look like an artful arrangement, not just a random collection of plants.

The best part about succulent dish gardens is that they are easy to care for—you just need to water them once per week or so, depending on how much sunlight they receive. They also make great gifts because they can last a very long time.

Retro Road Tripper Bouquet Bouquet

Retro Road Tripper Bouquet

It’s impossible to be as cool as your dad, but this fun floral gift comes close! Roll into Father’s Day with this retro ceramic camper, bursting with a colorful sunflower surprise he is sure to love. This retro-fabulous gift features yellow sunflowers, yellow button spray chrysanthemums, green cushion spray chrysanthemums, blue eryngium, blue sinuata statice, parviflora eucalyptus, solidago, and leatherleaf fern. Delivered in a Retro Road Tripper Camper.



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