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As the day dedicated to love, affection, and tender sentiments approaches, we delve into the rich tapestry of Valentine’s Day traditions. Central to this age-old celebration is the exchange of roses and heartfelt gifts, symbols that have stood steadfast in their power to articulate the inarticulable love. This guide is an ode to romantic couples, Valentine’s Day shoppers, and flower enthusiasts, as we explore the subtle nuances of choosing roses and curating the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Our professional Floral Designers are standing by to provide customers with purchasing to perfect Roses and Valentine’s Gifts.  Our friendly and convenient online website also displays numerous options!

Why Roses?

Roses, with their velvety petals and intoxicating fragrance, have long been the emblem of romance and enduring passion. But why do these blooms captivate even beyond aesthetics? Their significance spans cultures and centuries, with hues conveying messages from deep love (red roses) to friendship (yellow roses). The red rose, in particular, is steeped in mythology; enshrined by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, it signifies desire and longing. It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition that endures, rendering red roses a poet’s muse and a lover’s language.

Choosing the Perfect Rose

When selecting that perfect bouquet, you’re not merely picking flowers—you’re crafting a message. Here’s how to convey it clearly:

  • Meaning of Rose Colors: Beyond passionate red, consider pink for admiration, white for purity, or orange for enthusiasm.
  • Number of Roses: Present a single rose for devoted attention, a dozen to declare your love, or more if you wish to lavish your feelings in grandeur.
  • Bouquet Style: From tightly packed posies to an organic, garden-gathered appearance, your bouquet sets the stage for your romantic tale.

When standing amidst a sea of roses, remember that freshness trumps all. Inspect the petals for vibrancy and the stems for a healthy green luster. They should whisper, not shout, their freshness.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Complementing a bouquet with a thoughtful gift can amplify your message of love. Consider personal preferences or shared memories to select a meaningful gift. Possibilities range from bespoke jewelry, which serves as a persistent reminder of your feelings, to a handwritten letter, imbued with intimacy and care.

Incorporate roses into your gifts creatively:

  • Rose-infused skincare for a touch of luxury.
  • Edible rose petals in homemade chocolates for a sweet surprise.
  • A rose-themed book for the literary enamored.

Balance traditional gifts with innovative ideas that reflect shared interests or goals, truly personalizing the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Tips for a Memorable Valentine’s Day

To forge a truly memorable celebration, focus on shared experiences that reinforce your bond. Plan activities like:

  • An intimate home-cooked dinner, accompanied by a playlist of songs significant to your relationship.
  • A leisurely picnic in the park, with a basket full of favorite snacks and a sprig of roses atop.
  • An adventure in the form of a dance class or a pottery session, creating room for laughter and new memories.

Remember that the essence of a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day lies not in grandeur, but in heartfelt simplicity and shared joy.


From the first blush of courtship to the deep-rooted connections of long-lasting love, roses and personalized gifts remain visceral expressions of affection. This Valentine’s Day, let your choices bloom with consideration and intention, sowing the seeds for a love everlasting. As you navigate the pathways of love’s myriad expressions this Valentine’s Day, may the roses you select and the gifts you present, resonate with the depth of your feelings and the strength of your bond.

We invite you to shop with us instore or online to purchase beautiful Roses and Valentine’s Gifts. Here’s to celebrating love, in all its forms and colors.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Memorial Florists & Greenhouses offers Elegant and Fresh Roses and Valentine’s Gifts

Oshkosh Wisconsin Florist Same-Day Flower Delivery Service

At Memorial Florists & Greenhouses, we pride ourselves on our diverse, fresh selection of flower arrangements. We cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences and occasions, ensuring that every bouquet we deliver is a perfect match for our customers’ needs. Additionally, we understand that sometimes, you need your flowers in a hurry. That’s why we offer same-day delivery to all of our customers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, expressing sympathy, or simply want to brighten up a room, you can count on us for timely, beautiful arrangements every time.

At Memorial Florists & Greenhouses, we believe that flowers are more than just a gift – they are an expression of emotion and a way to convey heartfelt messages. That’s why we take great care in curating our selection, ensuring that each bloom is at its prime freshness and beauty.

Our team of talented florists handcrafts each arrangement with precision and creativity. We use only the highest quality flowers and materials, taking into account color schemes, textures, and styles to create stunning displays. Whether you prefer classic roses or unique exotic blooms, we have something for everyone.


Alstroemeria, often known as the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, is a popular choice for floral bouquets due to its vibrant colors and unique design. These flowers boast a wide range of hues, including white, yellow, red, pink, orange, and even purple, making them a versatile choice for different themes and sentiments. Furthermore, they have an intriguing pattern, with speckled or streaked petals that offer visual interest. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, alstroemerias are cherished for their extended vase life. They can stay fresh for up to two weeks, much longer than many other cut flowers, making bouquets with alstroemeria a long-lasting, beautiful choice.

Dahlias are a favorite choice for floral bouquets due to their extraordinary beauty and versatility. They come in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them a delightful addition to any floral arrangement. Their blooms range from an inch in diameter to a stunning dinner-plate size, allowing for an impressive display. Dahlias bloom from midsummer right through until the first frost, providing long-lasting vibrancy. With their rich hues and intricate petal arrangements, dahlias significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of bouquets, making them a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions.

Hydrangeas are a much-loved flowering shrub, renowned for their large, lush blooms that come in a wide range of vibrant colors, from soft pastels to deep blues and purples. Their striking appearance alone makes them a popular choice for flower arrangements. However, it’s also their versatility that adds to their appeal. The full, rounded shape of hydrangea blossoms provides an excellent base for floral designs, while their variety of hues can complement or contrast other flowers beautifully. Additionally, hydrangeas have a reasonably long vase life, which means arrangements featuring these blooms will look fresh and inviting for an extended period.


Oshkosh, Wisconsin is a vibrant city located in Winnebago County. Known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and warm, welcoming community, Oshkosh is also renowned for its love of fresh flowers. This love is deeply rooted in the city’s agricultural heritage and represents the local community’s appreciation for nature’s beauty. The city hosts numerous flower shows and gardening events throughout the year, drawing crowds from all over the region. These events not only exhibit a stunning array of flora but also foster a sense of community, reflecting Oshkosh’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its botanical heritage. The residents’ affinity for fresh flowers speaks to their recognition of the transient beauty of life and their commitment to cherishing each moment of it.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin is a city steeped in history and tradition. Located in Winnebago County, this vibrant city has been shaped by its agricultural roots, with a strong appreciation for nature and all it has to offer. This is evident through the community’s love for fresh flowers, which can be seen in the many flower shows and gardening events that take place throughout the year. These events not only showcase the city’s stunning flora, but also bring together residents and visitors alike to celebrate and appreciate its botanical heritage.

In addition to its love for flowers, Oshkosh is also known for its picturesque landscapes. From parks and gardens to nature trails and scenic overlooks, there are endless opportunities to experience the beauty of this city. These natural spaces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of Oshkosh, but also serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting our environment.

Designer's Choice Flower Arrangement


Designer’s Choice

Can’t decide on which bouquet to send? Let our talented designers design something special. Using the freshest, largest seasonal flowers available, our designer will create a beautiful arrangement to reflect the amount you have spent. Bringing together a mix of bright and inspiring colors, this one-of-a-kind bouquet will be a perfect fit for any occasion.
Product containers of equal or greater value may be substituted, based on availability.



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